apply for staff

    1. In-Game name: Trevor
    2. List of the previous names you have used: didnt changed my name
    3. Why do you want to be staff member: to stop hacker and rules breaker
    4. Why should we choose you as staff member: to make server better by stoping hackers and rules breaker in server
    5. Why should we not choose you as staff member:
    6. In what timezone are you mostly online: at 12 am and 6 am
    7. Are you a staff member on any other server: yes
    8. Do you have experience as staff member: yes
    9. What is your age: 19
    10. Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member: no
    11. Post a screenshot of your stats: here
    12. hope i become admin
  • Just letting your know....

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    go down to a placed called wall and see the walls

    got demoted im no more admin in other Communities so can i get admin rank now???? joined today and found that i got demoted

  • As I'm Demoted Due To My Inactiveness Cause I Got Some Problem With My San DVD I Can't Play But As I See My Community Needs Some Active Admins So You Will Get My YES. I Think Community Owner KeKs Will Hire You As Trial Administrator Cause We Don't Trust You Enough, So Prove Us That You're Capable For This Rank .


    1. Are you a staff member on any other server:yes

    If You Want To Join Our Community, It Is Necessary To Leave/Resign Your Job As Admin On Other Server.

  • Just One Think I See You Just Toggle On Caps Lock I Ask Why Caps Is Needed It Seems Like You Flooding Just Telling You Don't Chat With Caps On.

    Examples -
    [2019-09-06 18:03:04] - Trevor: WAIT AA SEONCD
    [2019-09-06 18:30:55] - Trevor: LETS PLAY DM/
    [2019-09-06 18:59:17] - Trevor: HOW MUCH SCORE NEEDED
    [2019-09-06 19:08:08] - Trevor: I CAN SHOOT WITH MG WHILE IN CAR
    [2019-09-06 19:14:27] - Trevor: YOU HAVE HUNTER RIGHT?
    [2019-09-06 19:14:27] - Trevor: YOU HAVE HUNTER RIGHT?
    [2019-09-06 22:22:59] - Trevor: SKY AND HELL
    [2019-09-06 22:44:06] - Trevor: SKY JOIN MY TEAM AND LETS MG HELL :)

    There Are Alot Of Like This But Promise Me You Won't Behave Like This Again ?

  • Honestly, I like you, you're a good guy, the only few things that are bothering me are your english skills, your activity and your maturity.

    I'll be fair and give you a few days to get yourself together before I take my decision.

    Also, HELL 's opinion is necessary.

  • KeKs

    Closed the thread.