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    If you saw player(s) breaking the rules to get an unfair advantage, use the following format to report the specific player.

    1. Your Ingame-Name:
    2. Players Name:
    3. Reason:
    4. Time/Date:
    5. Any Proofs:

    Hello Applicants,

    we are currently searching some staff members, which are helping us in administrating the forum & server.

    What adminpositions we are searching for?

    • Lead Administrator
    • HR Manager
    • Head Administrator
    • Help Operators (2)
    • Trial Administrator
    • Server Administrator

    If you think you can handle one of these positions post your application in this Topic!

    Info: Writing "I want to become Admin to help you" will get you automatically denied!

    Please tell me about yourself and about the things you want to change/improve.

    Yours sincerely

    - KeKs

    Hello Community!

    We just published our remake Script!
    You want to check out the new Version of StrongHold TDM?

    I hope you enjoy the time :saint:

    Yours sincerely
    Community Management

    Hello Community,

    Be sure to read ALL the stickie and the FAQ below before applying!

    You should also read the forum, server, staff and Ingame rules!

    If you apply as staff member, you agree to abide the forum, server, staff and Ingame rules!

    Application Format

    Reasons why your application will be denied:

    - Messaging admins about your application
    - Lying in your application
    - Copying other applications
    - Being banned/tbanned from the server while your application is open
    - You have resigned in the last 2 months.
    - Breaking any rules.

    Good Luck applying for admin. We wish you the best of luck.

    StrongHold Staff Management